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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  March 20, 2013 4:00pm-4:30pm PDT

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elysse joins us now. >> welcome to jerusalem, where the israeli prime minister and the american president have been having their first state dinner surrounded by gaspar barack obama made it clear that he did not have to go through all of this -- surrounded by guests. barack obama made it clear that he did not have to go through all this fanfare to reaffirm his relationship with the israeli government. he said this is all about reaching out to the israeli public. every stock has been very carefully choreographed by the american and israeli planners. and so far, not a single flat has been put wrong by the american leader. -- not a single foot has been put run by the american leader. he has maintained that the relationship between the u.s. and israel is an unbreakable and that the relationship that has
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been strained in the past with mr. netanyahu is very strong, and working very well. that was the message from the press conference tonight. the body language talked about a very close working relationship, a lot of for the exchanges between the two leaders. and when they got down to business, they mention this same three issues, iran, syria, and making peace with the palestinians. except that mr. netanyahu started without -- started with iran and mr. obama ended with it. let's listen to what mr. obama had to say. >> notwithstanding our efforts and success in mobilizing the international community, diplomacy and sanctions have not stopped iran's nuclear program. and you know my views are that in order to do so, diplomacy and sanctions must be augmented by clear and credible threat of military action. in this regard, mr. president, i want to thank you once again for
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always making clear that israel must be able to defend itself by itself against any threat. mr. netanyahu has made similar statements before, but tonight in those remarks he was absolutely emphatic. pressure on iran was not working. there had to be a clear threat. and emphasizing at israel's right to strike on its own if necessary. but mr. obama also had very strong wortman ahkeem to iran as well. iranr policy is to prevent from acquiring a nuclear weapon. we prefer to do it -- to resolve this diplomatically. there is still time to do so. iran's leaders have to understand have to meet the international obligations. meanwhile, the international community will continue to increase pressure on the iranian government. the united states will continue to consult closely with israel. , and i willps
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repeat, all options are on the table. we will do whatever is necessary to prevent iran from getting the world's worst weapons. >> it confirmed what we have been hearing from advisors, which is that the gaps are narrowing on this crucial issue, what to do about iran posing nuclear program. mr. obama said there is not a lot of daylight between our assessment of what the situation is now and where to go moving forward. but there are some differences when it comes to diplomacy and military. this is a relationship to watch in the months ahead. >> you have been talking about the careful choreography on this visit. what message to that delivered on the israeli-palestinian question? >> interestingly, when it came to the israeli-palestinian question, they used a lot of the same phrases often invoked about people livingtwo
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side by side. tonight, he thought to address the doubts that he is not committed to that formula. >> i know there have been questions regarding what the policy of the new government will be toward peace with the palestinians. let me be clear. israel remains fully committed to peace and to the solution of two states for two peoples. we extend our hand in peace and friendship to the palestinian people. >> what the palestinians would say is that words are not enough and we want to see action. mr. netanyahu, after weeks of difficult trading has come up with a new government. and in that government he has put into key positions when it comes to talking with the palestinians keep people who have made it clear they are not interested in the peace process
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and they're not interested in stopping the expansion of jewish settlement across the occupied west bank. palestinians say this is essential if talks are to resume. mr. obama will head to the west bank tomorrow. he will see the palestinian president tomak luta boss. he will bring the same message -- the bosnian president, mahmoud abbas. he will bring the same message, that it is time to get to the negotiating table. >> for more on what president obama hopes to accomplish on this visit, we spoke here every time ago to martin and dick, now director of the foreign-policy at brookings institution. for coming in. very cordial between the two men. do you think real differences remain between them over iran? but there are inevitably some differences between israel, a small country in iran posing neighborhood, and the united states, which has more than 1000
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nuclear weapons in its arsenal. iran is not about to attack the united states. having said that, the president has put out a timeline of a year. mr. netanyahu has not contradicted him. and i do not think he wanted to show any difference during this visit, for sure. he does not want any daylight to show between the president and prime minister. but nevertheless, i think he has said i think it twice publicly and that allows the negotiation to be tested. >> president obama stressed resolving it diplomatically and mr. netanyahu talk about israel have been the right to independently defend itself. you think that is not necessarily conflict between those two positions? necessarily. the president said israel has the right to defend itself.
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his response to that in private is, look, we need to do our best to exhaust the diplomatic option. it it does not work, it is better if the united states do it. we can do it more effectively in terms of preventing fallout from iran is reaction to it. it is better if the u.s. do it. the security establishment in israel and the israeli people would prefer it to be done with the united states rather than against the will of the united states. >> to the question of the israeli-palestinian peace process, and you think that will be revived on this trip? >> i do not think so. the white house seems to have gone out of its way to lower expectations the timing of the trip, three days after the new government was formed in israel, has made it impossible to think that much would be done. nevertheless, the president will
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reintroduce himself to the israeli public reassure them that he has their back and that they can trust him. and also not just on the question of iran. after he speaks with the pros deneen president -- the palestinian president and i hope he will get some indications from both of them that they are ready to go back to the table and secretary kerry can pick it up from there. >> do you think there will be disappointed when president obama goes there tomorrow without a public plan? >> i think the palestinians are already disappointed in president obama. he promised them a palestinian state for years ago in cairo. nothing has happened on that front. of course, he blames the palestinians as much as the israelis for that. what is critical here is for them to reinvest in this president. there is no other way to achieve an independent palestinian state other than through the ages of
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aegisrican president -- of the american presidents working through the situation. he needs to give the american president reason to work on netanyahu for the two states that they talked about today. >> thank you. and one more topic from today's press conference. president obama said the u.s. is investigating whether chemical weapons have been deployed in syria. thee are claims by government that rebel forces were behind the attack. the syrian government and rebels have accused each other of using chemical weapons in an attack on tuesday. be shut cyprus will even longer as efforts to solve the fight over the nation's bailout. been seeking an alternative to the eu plan.
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for more on what is at stake, i spoke a brief time ago with gavin hewitt. how are officials trying to raise the money they need to stabilize -- to stave off bankruptcy? >> well, all day here in cyprus, the government has been trying to work out what it calls its "b."ed the -- izhak plan having rejected the other alternatives, they have been seeking for something else. the archbishop at one point came out and said that the church would be at the disposal of the state. also, the finance minister has been meeting with russian officials and there is speculation that there may be an extension of a russian mullen
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that has been made -- a russian loan that has been made to cyprus. what is going on is that the cyprus government is trying to find a way to avoid the terms that the parliament yesterday rejected. and just a reminder, that involves a levy on savings and deposits. >> how was the country coping if the banks are still closed? go to atmou can machines and still draw out money. if you're fortunate enough to find one that has the funds in it. but their limits on how much you can withdraw. what you cannot do is go into a bank and organize a transfer of your funds out of the country. would you also cannot do is normal banking business. there is enough money to keep the economy moving forward, but these are very, very difficult days. tomorrow, the banks will be closed again, and quite possibly on friday, too. >> thank you.
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we are bringing you all of the latest developments from cyprus as they search for a solution there. police have searched the home of kristie in the guard. ofkhristine lasard, the head the international monetary fund. the operator of japan pose the damaged nuclear power plant in fukushima said iraq had been responsible for a loss of power this week. -- said a rat has been responsible for a loss of power this week. a dead rat was found near a switchboard. the company is investigating whether the raft was the cause. that it has killed a french national captured in mali in 2011. it claims it executed the man in retaliation for france's intervention in mali.
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the french foreign ministry said it is trying to verify those claims. the first test- tube baby was born in the u.k., the country could be leading the way again. this time it is a new idf procedure that creates a baby with three biological parents. lawmakers are considering legalizing this. it works by using the dna of two women and one man to prevent debilitating genetic diseases that would otherwise be passed on to a child. our medical correspondent has more details. inthis is a new frontier science, to do -- use dna from two women and a man to create healthy child. nicolo is one of those that could be helped. she carries a faulty sell -- cause a host of
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illnesses. her mother died of mitochondrial disease. free of thechild disease. >> my mother died of the disease. i have watched many in my family develops symptoms generation after generation. to think that we could work this out at the beginning, at the start of a doll, you know, i cannot see why you would not. -- at the start of it all, you know, i cannot see where you would not. crucial genes from both parents would be removed, leaving behind the mother's fault the mitochondria. that is transferred to anoth woman's egg, carrying its own healthy mitochondria. the resulting embryo has the parent's genes, plus a tiny bit of dna from the second woman. crucially, that exegete -- extra dna would be passed down for generations. a scientific review found no
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evidence the technique is unsafe. now i public consultation carried out by fertility regulators has backed it, too. >> the bulk of the public who were consulted through the different methodology felt it was more important to introduce new clinical techniques that allow healthy children to be born and that overrode any ethical issues that could be considered. >> but critics say it is dangerous and unethical. >> i think it crosses a crucial ethical line, which is not to genetically engineered human beings. once you cross that line, it is very hard to stop going right down the slope to design a baby in general. >> more scientific research is needed. britain could become the first country to approve the controversial technique. a final decision rests with parliament. >> you are watching bbc world news america. still to come on tonight's
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program, hearing from harris's ford -- harrison ford. the actor known for his starring roles is now on a different mission. we sit down with him to hear what it is. a sophisticated hacking attack in south korea shut down computer networks and three major television stations and two banks for several hours today. it is speculation that north korea could have been behind the attacks. time,2:00 p.m. local south korea's internet juggernaut ground to a halt. in the newsrooms of three of its biggest broadcasters anti-death of two major banks. southputer networks of korea's to keep broadcaster -- key broadcasters have been completely paralyzed from 2:00 p.m. until now. police said they are
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investigating, focusing on the possibilities of a cyber attack. >> investigators say they suspect a cyber attack delivered by a malicious code, a type of computer virus. their job now is to find out what kind of virus it was and where it came from. speculation has already focused on north korea. attack,ike a fishing which most of us know, this was a very targeted attack. came from someone the person you or did business with. and not only targeted these organizations, these banks and also the broadcasters, but specifically individuals within those organizations. >> with a joint military exercises taking place here with u.s. forces, tensions are already high. intelligence officials here say north korea's zeiger capability is much more sophisticated than its limited -- cyber capability is much more sophisticated than
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its limited internet presence would suggest. whether or not p'yongyang is responsible, this latest attack revealed the tensions here. >> deforestation, overfishing, and preserving clean water overseas are important environmental concerns. could they also pose a threat to u.s. national security? that is the claim being made by movie star harrison ford who serves on the board of conservation international. that organization, along with the council on foreign relations, had a conference today in washington about the subject. a little earlier i had the chance to sit down with harrison ford and conservation international's ceo, peter seligman, to talk about it. of clean it the lack
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water and food in countries far from here is a threat to u.s. national security? >> because it puts such stress on some of the most fragile nations in the world, and because we're all interconnected. for instance, a simple lack of fresh drinking water can lead to population dislocation, which can lead to political radicalization, which can lead pressure on states that receive refugees because of a migrating population. the natural services of nature, a healthy ecosystem is the sources thaty sustain our lives. >> why is it so important to you personally? >> i am a human being. i have children. i'm interested in their futures.
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i am interested in nature in many ways. and i'm also interested in the moral responsibility of human beings to each other, to themselves, to the future. >> what is a specific example of ofountry where a shortage food represents a threat to us in the u.s.? somalia is threatened because of overfishing by european nations. the local fishermen that depend upon those fish apopka -- upon those fish have no way to feed themselves. they have no way to eat. but they have votes. and they became pirates. on the u.s.?mpact it joins forces with others around the world and spent $2 billion trying to prevent piracy that is caused by overfishing. >> what is the answer? what should the u.s. government
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to be trying to do to prevent that in africa? >> it is not a question of prevention, but support. supply information, provide support to prevent these things from happening. it is cheaper to intervene before it becomes a national security issue. >> what more would you like to see the government doing? you talk about support from the u.s. government. can you be more specific? >> first, it is a very tough time. the competition for resources we have now in this economic is fierce. their limited. climate is something we should invest in. every dollar that we spend on international conservation comes back to us. >> what are the risks if we do not take the needs of international conservation
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seriously enough? >> nature does not need people. people need nature. this planet would survive easily, beautifully without the pressure of the human animal. it would survive just fine. need nature. nature does not need human beings. >> harrison ford talking to me earlier about the need for global conservation. before we go tonight, we want to show you a very rare sight in london. the queen of london on the tube. today, she and prince philip and the duchess of cambridge for all visiting the debt -- visiting the underground to market's 150th anniversary. as you can see, the train was cleared before her visit. afteras her first trip being hospitalized with
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gastroenteritis. that brings our report to a close. you can get constant updates from thend the world bbc news. we will see you back here tomorrow. presentation this is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, newman's own foundation, union bank, and fidelity investments. >> your personal economy is made up of things that matter most, including your career. as those things change, fidelity can help you readjust your retirement plan, rethink how you are invested, and refocus as your career moves forward. wherever you are today, a fidelity ira has a wide range of investment choices that can fit your personal economy.
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fidelity investments. turn here. >> bbc world news was presented by kcet, los angeles.
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